anon requested skank!kurt giving blaine a piggyback so here they are being giggly and happy uwu

klaine + relationship status

Guys, remember the spoilers! Everything’s fine!


things that are also happening next week in regards to klaine:

  • all of me
  • american boy
  • klaine moving to los angeles
  • klaine is endgame
  • chris said so
  • ryan said so
  • ryan wants a wedding next season
  • no one panic

Remember that extended 5x20 description?


How the script is about Rachel’s life and it doesn’t make sense to anyone but Brittany?

» http://kissedmequiteinsane.tumblr.com/post/84976389735


I have ELEVEN messages in my inbox because apparently people don’t remember spoilers so:

Mary Halloran - a Hollywood screenwriter who is widely considered a genius - but whom some may politely describe as “quirky” - arrives in New York to tool a script for a potential network television series…